Ratebeat Promotion Terms & Conditions

This offer is available exclusively for refinance and primary residence purchase mortgage loans and is based on the annual percentage rate (APR).

In order to qualify for the RateBeat Promotion (“Promotion”) you must provide a valid and acceptable lender document (“quote”) as determined by Divito Lending displaying an offered rate and terms. Valid and acceptable quotes include a Loan Estimate (LE), a rate quote, or other LE proxy document. The quote must also meet the specific criteria described below.

To qualify, you must also close the loan with the lender whose quote you provided (original competing lender) and provide supporting documentation, as described below.

The quote must align with the below terms and conditions:

  • Must have been received within 2 days prior to completing the applicable Divito Lending form.

  • Must not have been received from a lender referred to consumer via a prior LendingTree form.

  • Must have identical terms as quote received via a Divito Lending lender. Terms include the names of applicants, loan amount, down payment, property address, duration of loan, type of loan and property type.

In addition to providing a quote, you must also complete a Divito Lending online mortgage form and qualify for a loan with a Divito Lending participating lender. If we are not able to match you with a participating lender based on your information, you will be unable to participate in the Promotion.

Your Divito Lending loan request must meet following criteria:

  • Loan amount must be between USD 150,000 and the conforming loan upper limit for the location where you are buying the property. You can learn more about conforming loans here.

  • Down payment must be equal to or exceed 20% for purchase loans

  • LTV must be 80% or lower for refinance loans

  • Must be a single–family home, townhome, or condo

  • Applicable only for primary residence properties

  • Your credit score must be equal to or above 700

  • Property may not be located in New York


The Promotion is not available for the following transactions and/or applicants:

  • Interest only loans

  • Loans requiring subordination of a prior loan

  • Loan applicants who have disputed credit accounts

  • Bank owned properties

  • Properties being purchased through a “short sale”

  • Non-arm’s length transactions

Only the first quote submitted along with the eligible Divito Lending form will be considered for the Promotion.

Regarding the quote, Divito Lending may, in its sole discretion, accept LE proxies (e.g., rate sheets from other lenders) in lieu of a complete offer, provided the rate and terms from the competitive lender are not contingent on any other transaction or relationship and the terms are identical, notwithstanding APR. In addition, the LE proxy must contain information sufficient to demonstrate that the offer is intended for you, that you submitted the form on Divito Lending, and contain proof that your credit score was verified. The terms of the competing loan must include applicants, loan amount, down payment, property address, duration of loan, type of loan, and property type.

The terms and conditions of this offer may change without notice, including termination of the program.

The Promotion shall be governed by, subject to, and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina.

Divito Lending and its partners reserve the right to verify that a lender’s quote is valid.

Procedure for Enforcing the Promotion

  • Once connected to your Divito Lending lender, they will request your quote in their preferred method. This may be via email, online upload or a similar format.

  • When calling in, ensure to mention that you are calling about the Promotion. The representative will start your claim and collect required information, including mailing address for a $100 gift card to be issued. The validation process will occur offline, and once the claim is reviewed, Divito Lending will contact you regarding the status of the payment.

  • Neither Divito Lending nor any participating lender will be responsible for lost, late, or misdirected emails or mail attempting to enforce the Promotion. Nor will LendingTree or any participating lender be responsible for any typographical or other error in the administration of the Promotion.


Recipient is solely responsible for any personal tax liability arising out of this incentive.  Applicant must be applying in Florida.